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I enjoy photography and shooting people which I started while at College.: I was originally a theatre photographer for the Criterion for 5 years then an Automotive Brochure photographer.

My studio is located 10 minutes from Gatwick/Crawley/Brighton and 45 mins from London Bridge/Victoria.

SPACE & EQUIPTMENT: : 22sq M and comes with two Bowens lights (500 and 250 Esprit) Lighting reflectors .

A deposit is required to confirm a photo booking with me

Outdoors there are 8 main areas:

-Studio decking overlooking woodland
-Outside by the wall arch & gate
-Park bench and woodland set.
-small wall
-shaded-private grass area
-Web shed
-Glass house
-Cabin outside wall

I will assist any new models starting out into modelling at no fees either way. I can offer the studio on a not for profit basis and trade with medium term shoots with selected models

This is a studio with a difference - its unconventional ! Good natural lighting possibilities exist with private woodland outdoors including sets .



Worked at Theatre & the Arts -5 years-Automotive photography & with Motorhome manufacturers for their brochures-Also Part Time Wedding Photographer
Local radio station publicity campaign-images published in their brochure/ Advertising/Public Transport/Media

Photographer at the Danni Marie Agency in S London

Frequently published with outdoor front cover naturist shots; Fourteen years contributions- International magazine.

The following Models have been published through photos taken by me almost exclusively at the studio:

PUBLISHED MODELS include, Priscilla, Sarah, Tracey, Frankee, Emma B, Steph, Samantha Hayles, Lottie 21, Vicky, Emma Louise-Brighton Blonde , Amy Lou , Grace kenfield, Melina Sofrineau, Amy Palmer, Mellisa, Charlotte, Perry, Akiko, Normio, Chloe Earl x 2 AND Louby88, Hayles Rosetta Smith Kiana Kraze XdeeX (Debbie R) , Isabella take a Break, Closer, Marie , Marsha and Jack Cap D' Agde , Jasmine October Cap D'Agde images of French location magazine 2020 Calender, Unilever Old Coasters UAC/GBO Calender

Photos of the studio can be found on the last page .



Flag counter added Feb 2009:


From various Photographic sites I have worked with 0ver 600 Models:

If you want to update your Portfolio please get in touch whether you work to my genres or to your own styles.


Feel Free to Get in touch and send a couple of photos


02 Sep 17 04:59
Very good work. Impressive!
05 Mar 14 14:06
Amazing port!
12 Aug 11 14:25
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work even better then Me ^^ Wish I could Learn alot from you sir
03 Jul 11 12:22
You have a beautiful port
29 Jun 11 23:36
Incredible work from start to finish... now a secret code.... okay!
16 Jan 11 09:23
Yep, we certainly are. 2nd Feb, and looking forward to it :-)
16 Jan 11 07:45
Hello my dear. Only just joined so I thought I'd drop by and say Hi x
13 Jan 11 14:51
Thank you for the comment, you have very nice portfolio.
03 Jan 11 20:21
Thanks, Nice photos!!
03 Nov 10 12:07
Thank you! :@) Pietro
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