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Thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Mike I have been shooting for 6 years now. Photography is a very big part of my life. I enjoy taken picture of the grate out doors and beautiful people. I am friendly, God fearing, love to have fun at my shoots, but also serious too. I’m open minded to new ideals and different things. Well take criticism about my work good or bad, because it well help make me a better photographer. Every one has room for improvement in there art no matter what it is or who it is. I am looking forward to meeting makeup artists, stylists and models that are looking to expand their portfolio as well. If interested you can contact me here


30 Jan 14 01:34
Amazing port! Best of luck :)
29 Jan 14 13:35
Mike. Thank you for the FR. I appreciate it. Check you in box for a private message.
28 Sep 13 03:44
thank you for friend request
18 May 12 04:39
thanks for FR....great art works
06 May 12 13:12
Hi Mike, Thank you for the FR, love your port too..cheers
10 Apr 12 07:21
Thank you so much :) and pls visit www.facebook.com/JulezOttawa if you haven't yet !!! Click the like button and let's keep in touch :)
16 Jan 12 03:58
Thanks for the Friend Add
16 Jan 12 01:39
Thank you for the photo comment
16 Oct 11 14:31
Thanks alot mike nice port buddy
16 Oct 11 13:48
Thank you very much for your tag and I hope to work together soon very nice port
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