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Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a traditional fine artist who creates nude portraits of beautiful women, using graphite, colored pencil, or acrylic paint. No digital manipulation is used in creating the original art, it's all done by hand the old-fashioned way. I create dramatic contrasts of light and dark, to accentuate the natural curves of the female body, and produce a three-dimensional form that emerges from its two dimensional background.

I use only photographic references to create my artwork (no sitting necessary), and I strive to capture the individual beauty of the model, as if she were sitting in front of the viewer. For those models who don't normally pose nude, I use the utmost discretion and tact to create a beautiful piece of art for herself or her loved one, something she can proudly display.

I am interested in creating content for models' paid website merchandise stores. Original art or prints can be arranged, please message me for more information.

See all of my work at http://vincent-wolff.artistwebsites.com/

Want to work with me? I have very reasonable commission rates on custom art, on a variety of sizes. Do you like the art here? Originals and prints are available. Contact me for more information. Thank you.




17 Feb 15 01:12
Amazing work!!! Very very cool!!!
03 Sep 14 14:53
Amazing work!
11 Jun 14 13:42
You are truly an amazingly talented artist
09 Jun 14 15:09
Thanks Friend...Love your work!
28 Apr 14 00:28
Thank you for your lovely pic comment! You do beautiful work!
02 Apr 14 10:10
Absolutely beautiful port! Would LOVE to work with you sometime!
20 Mar 14 09:26
Grant talent
27 Feb 14 15:59
amazing portfolio, incredible work!!!
25 Jan 14 01:35
OMG! that's called talent vinc, Great job!!!!
24 Jan 14 08:58
fantastic work, is it completely digital, i would really be surprised to know if its 100% manual.
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