About Me

I'm an energetic mother of five. I enjoy all aspects of modeling from the beginning idea to the end product. I'm consistently trying to learn as much as possible to remain relevant over time. I had my children at a young age, foregoing any career I may have been interested in. Life took me down many roads, they weren't all the greatest but everything could have turned out much worse. I believe I have learned allot through trials and tribulations and have never let anything hold me down. While I may not always be or feel the most confident with my body, it never shows in my work. I'm a great actress. Which is another great asset when modeling.
After all, each image is my portrayal of a character that I've been asked to bring to life, however that may be. I enjoy constructive criticism it is the best way to improve my talents and become more marketable. Having time on the opposite side of the camera has helped me a great deal as well. I feel it gives me a slight advantage knowing what will come out great, mediocre, or just won't work. I look forward to meeting more friends, and extending my career. Thank you for your time!


08 Feb 14 21:25
Nice port! Wishing you all the best.
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