About Me

an Indian film director, producer, and ad film maker. born in karnataka , completed school education from SRV High School, Kochi. U.G degree student at Loyolla College, elected to the Students' Union, and was a union member for four consecutive years.

i'm a traveler, with a never ending desire to travel. love photography. experimenting with light, camera and graphics is a never ending. n i take my own sweet time to get the result i needed. i am a great admirer of art in any form.


- 4 times AD critiques award winner
- 72 ad films
- 16 short films
- best short film "media mela"
- random pic "best photographer"


24 Jan 14 13:32
Very interesting port. Best of luck!
24 Jan 14 09:12
it's not digital, I do this by hand. thank you
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