About Me

I have more than four years experience in the photographic industry, two years in the concert band images (bands MaryJane and SHE), 1 Year in journalism photography and one of this year in commercial photography. Each doing a job I always give the best in creativity and the spirit of my tireless each perform a particular job of photography.

I am happy with photography began when I was little still camera kodak era and continued in college when I started to know the D-SLR camera. This encouraged me to totality in the world of photography until I took Champion Photo Model 2 for the category in an event Photo Contest and effort in the field of photography (LAUphotography). From there anyway I can create a community of photography with my friends who are named GEURINGphotography Community, in this community I served as chairman.

LAUphotography can help u make a moment for Pra Wedding and Wedding but not only that! we can help u you to make a portofolio for Model, a couple who won to take a photo, photo sample dress for boutique and many more.

So If u interest, u can send me an E-Mail to ricky_lauphotography@yahoo.com

Thanks ^^


09 Dec 10 03:13
thank you for adding adik.....adik hopes that she can be considered in your next photo shoot some day....thanks...
16 Oct 10 05:09
thank you for the FR x
11 Sep 10 09:54
hey thx u 4 be my friend hope u enjoyed still need many suggest so more better later on in picts,love u r port..having a good day n sucses always
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