About Me

Interests and hobbies:
travel, a creative photo (as a model, but also as a photographer sometimes I love to photograph), embroidery, reading, movies, theater, acting, psychology, philosophy, self-development and self-improvement (personality), floristics, art (drawing, painting, visual arts, poetry, prose)

About myself and beauty pageants:
I am a creative person inside in my heart and I am often in my life an analyst, which strange mix is reflected in all aspects of my life.
I am the winner of the nationwide beauty pageant "Miss magazine FHM" in 2005, winner of the online voting "Choose your own Miss University" in the Miss Moscow State University, winner of a sash Miss Style MSU 2004 ... I have recently won a competition for models of a contract for a month with the U.S. company, the whole April of this year I was in the U.S., the shooting took place in California.

Acting career:
I finished acting classes and was featured on TV (1 channel, NTV, TVS, TNT, Muz-TV) and in cinema (Mosfilm, minor episodes), I was shooted many times as the main actress for the documental historical movies for the 1st main Russian channel, these movies were about lives of famous people (the role of the first plan), TV show (The Federal Judge, 5 evenings with Malakhov, Big Brother, 2 stars, etc.), educational programs ("Good Morning," "Reincarnation," "Polygamy and monogamy "" The investigation is led by Leonid Kanevsky ... "etc.) and advertising (Yukos, furs, suits for climbing). I was in the final (top 20) of All-Russia competition of young actors, "You're a movie star" - acting as a hobby. In April this year in California according to the model contract (which I won in a beauty pageant) I was shot in the short videos, shot accordingly to the literature book.

I also worked as a model.
My hobby is creative photography. I like working with good, talented photographers as a model for interesting creative photo shoots, to try on completely different and complex personalities and characters. As a photographer also, I enjoy landscapes and architecture, because I love to travel and discover always something new and beautiful. So, for example, in March this year I was invited to take part as model in an international workshop in Tuscany (Italy) by the world-famous wedding photographer. The shooting took place about 5 days. 5-6 photographers and a cameraman filmed me in a wedding dress with the background of beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, olive trees, an old medieval house and the sea, running along the edge of the waves against the wind, which was playing with my white dress.

Education and research activities:
I am a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University, and I am also currently finishing Master of Science in European university Politecnico di Milano at the Program “Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering” (awarded with a special scholarship and was exempt from tuition fees), admitted to an additional program for talented students Alta Scuola Politecnica, which develops the personality and outlook, and gives the right to graduate in the same moment from two universities (150 admitted students out of 6,000 applications, foreign students were only about 10% in the program).

I love to learn new, in my best interests there are additionally such things and phenomena, such as: personal development and improvement of my abilities, success, luck, energy, the making true of desires, spiritualism, music and dance, developing of the intuition, astrology, and otherworldly realms.

Friends and acquaintances say about me the following:
Romantic style ....
and sexuality ....
Playfulness ...
and seriousness ...
... surprisingly combinate with each other in this person ..


1. Full Name- Ekaterina Vasilyeva (Luogo e data di nascita: Saransk, Russia. 15.12.1986)

2. Birthday.Age- 15.12.1986, 23 years old
3. Bust- 89 (seno)
4. Waist- 60 (vita)
5. Hips- 88 (fianchi)

6. Height- 168 sm
7. Weight- 50 kg
8. Eyes color- brown (occhi marroni)
9. hair color- blond (capelli biondi)

10.E-mail- vassilieva.ekaterina@gmail.com
11.Country.Location- Italy, Milano, Como (residenza e domicilio)
12. shoes size 37

Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Age 23 years, hight of 168 sm, weight of 50 kg, parameters 89\60\88, footwear 37

Ph. +393271777553, +79160560506

About myself:

The model, the actress, the clever girl)) About 5 years of experience in actor's and modeling sphere

- Winner of Miss FHM 2005 (shooting in magazine on 6 pages and interview in January issue of 2006, shooting for magazine (6 pages) and interview for January issue of 2010, the main prize in 2005 - a trip to London)

- Miss Style of the Moscow State University 2004, the winner of Internet voting "Choose your own Miss University"

- The winner of competition for models with the main prize - the contract for 1 month of shootings and acting in California for US company "Kingdom-A"

- The finalist of the national Russian beauty contest "Miss Runet" 2010 (Miss Internet)

- The finalist of the national Russian beauty contest "Miss Glamour" 2009

- The finalist of the national Russian contest for young actors "You are the superstar", I was in the 20 young persons from the whole Russia, the main prize - shootings in a youth film

- Miss Progress Russia 2010, the finalist of MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL 2010 (over 40 countries participated).

- My biggest interview starting from the page 95 in the iFamous #5 magazine:

- The page and status of the star of the project "iFamous" with photo gallery and the interview:

I have finished courses of actor's skill (recitazione), school of make-up, defile and a choreography

I acted in moveys on TV and in cinematograph:

- A role of the wife of S.P.Korolev (the famous Russian constructor and engineer of space rockets) in a movey "Korolev: to reach heavens" (1st main Russian TV channel)

- A role of the bride of the famous actor Papapov in the documental movey about himself (1st main Russian TV channel)

- A role in the documental movey (reconstruction of events) about the famous actor Mironov (the 1st channel)

- One of the main roles in the TV show "Federal judge"

- A role in the program, documental movey "Polygamy and a monogamy"

- Advertizings: "Yukos", fur items, thermounderwear for sportsmen.

- Many small commercials on youtube for the American company Kingdom A on a book theme "Understanding A" and "Yoga Courses"

- The basic model for 5days photo masterclass of the world famous Italian wedding photographer Carlo Giorgi in Tuscany. Shootings are in a role of the bride in a wedding dress from Antonella Rossi

- Photoadvertising for Antonella Rossi dresses

And other wide experience of shootings in episodes in many TV shows, programs and films on TV and at cinema

I like to participate in creative projects and photosessions, I love talented people

Education: the Moscow State University, economics faculty; Politecnico di Milano, Master of Science program in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering.

Languages: English, Italian, Russian


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