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Hi, Everyone... My name is Ganezh Didiek. I very interest to photography, video and writing. Make many photos and video for the people or my portfolio


- Rakata Adventure, Jakarta, (2004-2005), to make all activities and adventures trip document.
- I’ve made many (film) documentaries of society mobility process development, after Aceh Tsunami disaster At Bumoe Leuseur Foundation, and UPLINK (Urban Poor Linkage), Banda Aceh, (2006-2007).
- Photo and video making freelancer

- Juni 2008 “Menjejak Bumi Besemah” Tourism Exploration Video Documentary, Pagaralam, South Sumatera.
- November 2007 “Haba Lam Hatee” Juara II Film Dokumenter Festival Budaya Aceh 2008, Muslim Aid Festival.
25 Nov 2007 Documentary of Rock Climbing:
- Mencumbu Pucuk Krueng, joint with CANIVA, agriculture faculty of nature lover team, Syiahkuala University, NAD.
- 24 Oktober 2007 Documentary of Presentation: Socialitation of Museum Tsunami Building Project, Banda Aceh, NAD.
- September 2007 Documentary of Momment: Earth Day, Atjeh Bicycle Community (ABC), NAD.
- Juni 2006- Juni 2007 Documentaries of UPLINK: - Life After Tsunami (Dedicated for Gregor); - Gampoeng Lon Sayang; - Build the Life; - All documentaries of UPLINK activities in Aceh Reconstruction (people proccess, building houses, road and drainage, infrastucture, agriculture, composting and etc.
- Tony Q Rastaman Concert (Video Clip).
- Sepeda Untuk Sekolah (SUS I & II) Mapala UI Programms (DVD Film).
- Trip To Sepa Island (DVD Film).
- 6 Sept–10 Okt 2004 Documentary Video, Trip to Mount Rinjani, (NTB) and Mount Bromo-Semeru, East Java.
- 20– 7 Des 2002 Documentary Video Trip to Mount Kaba, Curup, Bengkulu. Project Officer, Cameraman/Video Maker.

(1). Menapak Jejak Beruang Gunung Norman Edwin (2006)
(2). Petualangan Ganes Di Rimba Ganas (2001)
(3). Ludah Kembara Kecil (LKK/2005)
(4). Kikan, Sang Srikandi (...)


21 Feb 11 14:58
Yes, Your welcome for all of you...
21 Feb 11 06:44
Amazing port and photos. Thanks for the add. Stay in touch. God bless always, Marianne WRS
10 Jan 11 00:42
thank you very much for adding adik.....much appreciated
07 Jan 11 16:46
Outstanding images, I hope u have a great 2011!
06 Jan 11 03:57
nice photos!
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