About Me

Adventures seeker, knowledge pursuer, arts lover - these make me. Adventures have instilled me with punctuality and trustworthiness, for opportunity could slip in seconds and end result is dependent on me; knowledge has inspired me to be creative, just as there is no straight line in nature; arts have inspired me to be passionate, as it’s needed to communicate emotions through an inanimate medium.

I believe modelling is simply like a fire, inflaming the photo and send blazing emotions to audience; but, in its simplicity lie complexity – as every nuance details make a different picture. I commit to master the skills and techniques needed to each picture a masterpiece.

I’m interested in glamour, beauty, implied, and lingerie themes; I might consider themes beyond aforementioned categories depending on the concept and photographer.
Below are my relevant details:

Birth Year: 1987
Height: 1.66M
Build: Tender slim
Ethnic: Asian, Chinese
Eyes’ and hair’s colour: Chocolate black
Vital statistics: (Upon request and depending on photographer’s concept)


27 Sep 11 04:35
Beautiful...see me at http://www.becomeactress.com/
28 May 10 11:23
thanks for the add
06 Oct 09 03:37
Good luck ;)
30 Aug 09 21:26
http://forums.istudio.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=70&start=20 Please vote for mine
05 Aug 09 09:24
Be welcome here and I look forward to seeing and commenting on your images... Good luck in your career and thanks for the request!! Lovely person and a great start. Regards...
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