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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:119 lbs
Measurements:38-28-31 in
Shoe Size:7.5
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Some Experience
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:11 Sep 2010
Last:20 Oct 2016

About Me

Now Up & Running: www.menaredisgustingpigs.com to report and monitor the abuse of naive and innocent young girls Post your relevant comments, yes even horror stories, so others can learn from the lessons of the chastened repentents and chagrined and just plain foolish.
After six hard years, interrupted by serious confrontations and conflicts with professors, photographers, boyfriends, mentors(supposedly) or in other words MEN, I have completed my studies in feminist theory and practice(which I know all too much about) and have now decided to sponsor a forum whereby we (the formerly innocent and naive) can help our young sisters avoid the hardships and too often tragedies of dealing with a world of predatory men.

Model Abuse Advisory Update-April 7th To celebrate the banning of the unnamed photographer, who was banned here and on other ports (see notes below), I will post another photograph of me posed in good taste and yet sexy, a prototype for all others to use in order to clean up the internet's model ports as part of our 5 Ps campaign (see below). I appreciate the use of photos provided by John Zaale, a gentleman, scholar, bon vivant, connoisseur and skilled artist who I had the pleasure of working with as my first experience with modeling. Unfortunately my subsequent experiences were far less savory as I naively expected all photographers to be as respectful and professional as John Zaale (Istudio #22091)

Model Abuse Advisory Update-March 31
At last we can report success in our 5 Ps campaign (Purge Pilthy Perverted Photographer's Porn) here and on other model ports. In this case we have finally succeeded after diligent and ceaseless calling out the disgusting, perverse, lecherous behavior of this photographer or studio (there probably are more than one miscreant at work here, there was too much for just one pervert) who shall remain nameless in order not to bring attention to their undoubtedly continuing efforts to penetrate figuratively and literally the morals of the innocent and naive models who look for guidance from supposedly, mature, responsible, experienced photographers who are really just wolves in sheep's clothing waiting with baited breath (figuratively and literally) for someone to stumble into their satanic snares.

As you know, I have reopened this port, after an extensive hiatus, in an attempt to provide a safe port for abused, manipulated, exploited and debased models to bring attention to the horrors sometimes encountered in the so-called modeling business.
Models who have had bad experiences should contact me with the details of their horrific experiences so that I and others can alert innocent young girls about the deviant, scumbag photogropers who troll these pages and others looking for victims to manipulate and exploit for their deviant, scumbag pervert purposes.
All correspondence will remain confidential and we will notify appropriate law enforcement agencies and the United Nations about violations of law, domestic and international as indicated.
Stop Model Abuse Now.



20 Nov 14 17:05
Please read my thoughts on this issue. If you decide to delete fine. again. I am sure there are two coins of a different nature to tell on each side. Still looking great.
26 Mar 14 12:53
I admire your mission. I'd love to see more images from you and wish you all the best.
22 Sep 13 11:57
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13 Dec 12 17:59
nice work
13 Aug 11 13:00
Very beautiful photo!
02 Jan 11 15:53
Amazing work, hope u have a great 2011!
30 Sep 10 15:14
You need to get out of the studio and into nature for more shots. The two of you would go well together.
16 Sep 10 09:09
Congratulations on your Europe photo shoot gig! Can't wait to see the images.
14 Sep 10 01:33
Excellent work
12 Sep 10 04:49
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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