About Me

I love to take sexy photos of women. if you are done taking safe pictures...come see me! I will bring you light and joy.

I have no studio...i shoot locations, whenever...where ever i can.

No escorts...private sessions.

If you are here for professional reasons or to just get paid, it doesnt matter to me...if you are sexy, i will shoot you.

If the project interest me, i will shoot TF.

Model release is required!

Need nude or implied if interested, let me know. I will definately do that on a TF basis. You can reach me at TroyHodn@gmail.com. thanks.



10 Nov 11 03:17
Thank you Troy! R@ndi..
10 Nov 11 00:35
:D Thank you for the FL !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shot And Art Work..... So beyond Amazing Beautiful ^^ http://www.facebook.com/#!/JFStudiophotography
19 Oct 11 12:59
Thanks for the FR! Let me know if you ever want to shoot...or are planning to make a trip to SoFL :)
06 Oct 11 05:52
Thankz 4 U Comment...Lovely U Port Too Be hope someday nice work with U....:)
05 Oct 11 00:39
Hi Troy! thank you for the comment and list.:) R@ndi..
17 Sep 11 19:39
Thank you Troy! R@ndi
17 Sep 11 09:19
Thank you very much for your Tag and I hope to work together soon very nice port
17 Aug 11 09:42
Thank you for your tag:)I like your work.And I hope to work with you.
17 Aug 11 00:02
Very pretty pictures, you do very well
16 Aug 11 20:40
Thanks for the FR requst and comments...awesome work...:)
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