Jean G
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Weight:115 lbs
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
Join:17 Jul 2010
Last:4 Jun 2011

About Me

Please read my bio before contacting me, it saves us both a lot of time...

Please note: I'm currently NOT booking myself for any TF/TRADE/NON PAID shoots at this time.

Right now modeling is my full time job
And I'm available for :
* Fashion/ Hair and make-up
* Fitness / Action
*Bikini pool side or at the beach Pin Up
* Lingerie/ Glamour
* Nudes up to playboy
* Fetish
* Parts modeling
*Couple shoots up to playboy soft core with MM#1683349 l
* Or anything that sounds fun and creative

If you have a specific concept please don't hesitate to PM me
If you just want to shot some photos I have a list of ideas...

If you're interested in booking with me, PLEASE try to remember to include the following...

Type of shoot: (glamor, fashion, themed, etc...)
MUA: yes/no (provided)
Wardrobe: yes/no
I'm only asking this to help you and save us both some time.

Okay here's the "about me" portion. :)
I started modeling back in 2002 then in 2004 I decided to take a break from all this. After finding out I was having some problems with my blood sugar. Now after a two year break, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.
My goal here is to someday make enough money to pay my bills and have some money left over for me. I'm not there yet... so wish me luck
I'm fun and easy to work with and get alone well with others.

I do have my own set, you can see photo of it in my portfolio or on my ad.
I do rent it out and can do a package deal.
Here's the links to the ads:


*Important note: "Due to Seizures it is medically necessary for me to have my trained assistant present". He is a male, I've been working with him since 2006. And have worked with him outside of modeling since 1995.
Please show me that professional attitude I show every one else. Thank you for understanding.

F.A.Q on this topic:
Q: are you taking anything for this?
1. Yes, I'm on medication for this condition and have it 95% under control. (Divalproex 250mg)

Q: do you get disability for this?
2. NO, I do not qualify for Disability do to this condition. So yes I still need to work to pay my bills

Q: will your assistant need to be with you all the time?
3. No he just needs to be close. He does not need to be in the dressing room with me
(That's my time to play dress up and pretend I'm a normal healthy happy girl :P )

Q: What do i do if you go in to a seizure?
4. If I do have a problem it's not your responsibility to care for me. That's why I bring the assistant and the only thing you would need to do is make sure he's there after that you're free and clear to walk away if you need to and any medical decisions will be made by him.

Q: where can I get trained to help people who have seizures?
5. The American Red Cross offers classes. you have to ask for the class that has seizures training and it can cost you any were from sixty five dollars to one hundred and ninety depending on how much training your looking for and if you want a Certificate or not.

For all other questions please go here:


Not on MM list:
Michael Morgan
SMP Productions
Anomalies of fashion
Master at arms

MM list:
reality images
stan wigmore photograph
Casey Cole Photography
Frazier Photography
ei Total Productions
Dalia Dayze
Rodney Almore Photos .

book list:


01 Jan 11 16:23
It was good to finally meet you and shoot with you. Hope to work with you again soon.
18 Jul 10 19:00
Hello and welcome to istudio!
18 Jul 10 15:46
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
17 Jul 10 20:36
Welcome to iStudio.
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