About Me

It all started in Miami last year, as a good friend of mine captured pure blissful emotions through a Nikon camera and when I reviewed his work, I fell in love with the hidden talent I have. Modeling is more than just being pretty and photogenic- it is an art. Capturing a raw emotion and producing a WOW factor with just a simple photo is a passion that is burning in me to continue and grow as a model. I plan on firing off this year with modeling and passionately producing stunning images.

I have also been an aesthetician for almost 8 years and continue to see my amazing clients on the side. My passion for health and beauty continue to grow especially in the modeling industry. I also have plans to obtain my personal training certificate this year to improve my education and help others as well.


02 Feb 15 14:31
I love this look well done.. are you interest in shooting lingerie or cars?
13 Jan 15 16:38
Nice work!
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