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I have been into photography since the film and darkroom days and it hasn't been until just a few years ago that I could call myself a photographer. I joined MM to collaborate with artists and create beautiful images in hopes that these images will be impressive enough that someone in the collaboration will get hired for paid work. When test shooting, I am very easy going and I tend to let the session grow and take a shape of its own. I am here to trade my talents with models, mua’s, and stylists so we can all improve our skills. The only compensation that I am offering is beautiful images; so if you show me your rates, I’ll show you mine. 0

My time is very limited so please don't book a session unless you are serious about showing up. Cancellations are my number one pet peeve. If you are not professional enough to show up then please don't make an appointment.

That being said, I am looking for a muse. I am gonna be a bit picky about this but if you are interested, shoot me a message.

I will try to give you 5 edited images per session, if you would like more I can upload proofs to a site for you to look through and choose additional images for me to edit at a cost of $15 per image. I do not release unedited images and I do hold the copyright of all of the images. Please do not make any additional edits to the images unless you purchase the rights from me; this is clearly stated in the model release.

Things to think about:
1. Respect my time. If you make an appointment, keep it! If you have to cancel, call me well in advance. I start setting up for a shoot at least an hour before hand and I do not appreciate getting a call at the time of the shoot telling me you need to cancel. Impress those you are working with and show up early so you can be ready to shoot at your scheduled time.
2. TF shoots can lead to a lot more! You are trying to sell your “brand” and so am I; being professional can lead to paying jobs.
3. Lips!! Why do I spend time editing chapped lips?
4. Nails – do them – unless the theme has to do with crawling through the mud…on second thought, do them
5. Make-up – I don’t do make-up – if you can’t do your own, bring a MUA or pay my daughter to do it for you (she’s really good)
6. Sleep – get some! If it is a morning shoot, don’t go out the night before!
7. Wardrobe – doesn’t have to be elaborate, comfortable and alluring will do. I keep a good selection of model wardrobe as well so we can mix and match.
8. This list is subject to additions

From the "End of Innocence" series



From a recent casting call:









14 Jan 15 16:54
Excellent port! Keep up the great work!
13 Jan 15 16:39
Fabulous work!
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