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I stoped shooting mainstream commercial video and photography in 2009 the business is overrun; .

I started working in the industry, over 42 years ago as a photographer first as a photo-journalist as a young man, 20-something; I lived in southern California, after 2 years working for a newspaper, paying barely for college, Then drafted! That was 1971. Not having to go to Vietnam but rather to Germany and having the opportunity that the Army gave me to travel and see Europe made it easier.

Fast forward 40 years-

I've lived in Germany for 20+ years- been an Army war correspondent and marketing manager - directed - managed and even soldiered for 35-40 years! I am now semi retired just doing odd jobs.

"....Fashion, - Art, Travel, Editorial, Product, -Beauty and fine art. Social Media and Product
Body parts; lingerie and Cars;


"BILL-SHOOTS-PEOPLE " (or -" i-Photographer.de")

Fine Art-/People Photographer

- 'Social Media '
- ' Editorial and Product Photography'
- 'Travel & Marketing Publicist -

email@ "billshootspepple@me.com"


-For past and references; or if you need a detailed listing of print credits -contact me:-'

Chief Cameraman, Broadcasting Chief, Newcasts Director, and military public affairs Chief, to Print to TV, personality pieces, model reps, ;-

My years in print photography; Accredited with two Press Agencies; credited with over a hundred International publishers; -( German, Japanese, Korean, Kwwait, Iraqi, British Magazines; California, American Newspapers and websites; - as well as Trade Publications; Travel Guides; and over 200 Postcard and Product Brochures; Social Media;

- Decades Experience in; -
- Promotional Product Video & Still Photography.
- Directing and Managing a Photo Ad Agency Europe/Germany
- Section Chief Army with the Public Affairs and Joint Operations Experience (Enlisted)
- Studio and Director of Media Operations

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08 Feb 16 15:52
Ich bin aus Steyr in Oberösterreich. Liebe Grüße!
28 Jan 16 13:18
I absolutely love what you say in your text. So much truth in it. Und wir können uns gerne treffen, wenn du in Österreich bist. Servus!
09 Feb 15 10:21
Great work!!! That is an awesome capture of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point!!! Make every day an awesome creative day!!!
13 Nov 14 23:26
I'm 100% polish :)
11 Oct 14 02:44
Thank you for nice comment. I enjoy your portfolio.
29 Aug 14 15:50
Thanks for the well wishes. I'm soon to be back in it. I enjoyed looking at your work. It' very good.
01 Apr 14 12:56
Beautiful port!
18 Nov 13 06:46
Great work
24 Mar 11 12:12
28 Years in the Special Operations Force (Air Force) -- when I retired, I decided to incorporate as S O F Action, Inc. And you? Active Reservist. What branch? Thanks in advance for your service.
16 Mar 11 20:27
The Model's Name is . . . . "C-Fresh"
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