About Me

Hello, My name Is Smedley. I am 21 years old and I have shot with many photographers, ill try to get their references soon. You can ask me and I can give you some references. The only TF work I do is non nudes and nothing too revealing.
. I am beginning to do implieds and partial nudes but for PAID ONLY. We can discuss price. Of course the price depends on the assignment. Also my boyfriend wants to start modeling as well so we need to shoot with him as well to help start his portfolio. We are willing to do couple implieds and nudes but once again... For PAID ONLY!!

BTW!!! I am not always ablw to check my istidio everyday so feel free to send me an email to Deadlysmedley93@gmail.com.
Also you can look at my facebook page and message me there that is the best way to reach me and you can see my recent pictures.


25 Oct 14 11:28
Thanks for the fr, pleasure to meet you! Great stuff in your port.
28 Jul 14 13:52
Thank you :)
28 Jul 14 12:41
Lovely work!
28 Jul 14 08:20
and didn't post one image from our shoot...lol
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