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My goal is to eventually work for a magazine which showcases the beauty of women. I would also love to work for National Geographic and travel the world taking pictures of exotic animals as well as the natural beauty that surrounds us. I'm currently working on a book of written and photographic art on the subject of love and relationships. I also do graphics as well as video. My art is about emotion, style, color, and impact.

I would say my main love is to capture the essence of whatever I shoot. I find modern glamour type photography to be cliche and without artistic merit. When I shoot an implied it has to reflect an artistic aspect like re-creating a famous photograph, adding the aspect of a great background, demonstrating a powerful emotion, or re-creating a scene from a movie or television show.

Generally I love to do romantic photos, emotional photos, fashion/glamour, and experimental photography such as sci-fi, horror, and conceptual art.

I am very selective with TFCD. If you have a look that I'd like for my port I will work with you on TFCD.

I have a profile here...http://www.modelmayhem.com/epiphanymedia
I have a profile here...facebook.com/EPIPHANY.MEDIA.PHOTO
I have a profile here...http://michaelchimera.deviantart.com/
I have a profile here...https://www.behance.net/epiphany_media




A special thanks to those models who share my dream of what it is to be...

You look at yourself and you can't see what others see. So you compare yourself to others and you find yourself lacking in some ways but have you ever considered that the whole of you exceeds that of the others that you seem to envy? The problem is that to compare yourself to others is the first mistake when the subtle differences that make you who you are is more than likely prized above those traits that you envy in others. But you use your self perceived shortcomings to blind yourself to those things about yourself that make you truly special. That's the irony of life is it not? We always never seem to be happy with who we are and what we have when those who do are just as miserable. So it's a mystery why we allow ourselves to think the things that we do when the reality is that we are only limited by our own perceptions and the truth is that in our own way we are all beautiful.

Glass Hat Magazine
CCI Agency


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