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If I sent you a friend requested because I like your work and I would be interested in working with you – message me if you feel the same. I am a very experienced photographer and I specialize in lifestyle, nature and macro photography.

Thanks again for checking out my profile and happy modeling!


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Worked with Model Mayhem Models:
Kira Lee
Anna Lieb
Lena Nicole
G Jones
Autumn Westin
Tanya Ann
Trisha Leee
Franny Nin
Magdalena Karpinska
Mora Uman
Autumn Rae

My shots have been in High Times, GQ, West Coast Cannabis and a few of European magazines that you have never heard about...


14 Apr 15 11:47
Nice work!
27 Jan 12 02:59
Hello Todd! Guess who? Lol Thanks for networking this site with me!
21 Feb 11 17:14
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross someday during one of my upcoming adventures! ;^)
14 Nov 10 20:09
Hey, hope all is going well! Cant wait to work with you one day! ;)
23 Jan 10 20:35
Hey you... how is the THC Expo lookin this year? Need any help?
25 Dec 09 03:37
Thank you! The your work it's very nice!!!
31 Aug 09 02:38
Excellent port and photos. Thanks for the add. Stay in touch. Hugs, Marianne- WRS
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