Wild Red Suspenders
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Chiều cao:5'4"
Cân nặng:124 lbs
Số đo 3 vòng:34-26-36 in
Cỡ giày:7.5
Màu tóc:Màu đen
Chiều dài tóc:Ngang vai
Màu mắt:Màu nâu
Sắc tộc :Khác
Màu da:Màu rám nắng
Kinh nghiệm:Nhiều năm kinh nghiệm
Lương:Tùy vào công việc
Thông tin
Ngày tham gia:23 Feb 2009
Ngày gần nhất:22 Oct 2021

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I work hard to build a nice portfolio and serious about modeling.
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First of all my name is Marianne. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am proud of my ancestry, which is Filipino and American. I emigrated 13 years ago with my parents and my two sisters. This was possible do to the amazing efforts of my great grandfather a first generation American.

I work and live in East Bay- San Francisco, California.

I am here to network and build a nice portfolio to pursue modeling career. And I want to thank iStudio for giving me a chance and opportunity to be a member here. iStudio.com is such a great website to be part of. I love it here so far. Everybody is very nice and friendly!!! Feel free to say Hi anytime…..xo(*_*)xo

MY GOAL: To become a nurse someday and to be a successful model.

ROCK ROYALTY MAKEUP (Make-up Artist: CHELSEA) Danville, CA

My other contact sites are:
www.modellaunch.com #35155
www.onemodelplace.com #286939
<a href="http://www.onemodelplace.com/member.cfm?ID=286939"><img src="http://myimages.onemodelplace.com/lhostms.cfm/286939_M_HP_mid.jpg" border="0"></a>

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* Listed as one of the 15 TOP RANKED MODELS at www.paidmodels.com * Proud to be Featured Model at www.simplymodel.com- the next evolution in Online Modeling! * Proud to be Featured Model at www.guy.com- Stuff for guys! * And also proud to be one of the featured members at www.bleuphoenix.net- a creative society!!! * Was listed on a great Non-Exclusive Modeling Agency!!! http://www.istudio.com/videolist/20113 Streetlow (San Jose, CA)- John Pineda Streetlow (San Jose, CA)- Gypsy Big Daddy Auto parts (San Jose, CA) -Promo/ Merchandiser-Magnolia Ice Cream/ Nestle Products Incorporated- Philippines -Promo/ Merchandiser-Cheez Whiz, etc./ General Food Products Corp.- Philippines -Joined Beauty Pageant 1993- Miss Hope Daliao, Toril Davao City- Philipppines Current status: Healthcare professional/ pursuing modelling Voted "SHINING STAR" at work!!! thank you GOD! it was a great success!!! *********************************** Other contacts: www.freemodelcentral.com/Marianne www.myspace.com/runawaygirl04 www.Breakouttalent.com/Marianne *************************************

*********************************** VERY SPECIAL THANKS., I want to acknowledge & recommend. Photographers: INNER VISION IMAGES MM# 172651 (Very professional, smart, fun to work with and very creative) JebFoto MM# 250342 (Very undertanding, easy and fun to work with) Magic Eye Photography MM# 140980 (Professional, smart, easy to work with and very creative) J SCHUMACHER MM# 2192 (Down to earth, creative, professional and fun to work with) Jonathan Knox MM# 244574 (Very professional, smart, fun and very creative) NewPhotograph MM# 328815 (Professional, fun, simple, creative and easy to work with) Gigi Chan MM# 293896 (Very nice, simple, down to earth, professional and creative) PHOTOBRASIL MM# 297566 (Professional, friendly, smart, creative and fun to work with) WanderingRay MM# 200349 (Very professional, talented, down to earth and very creative) Archie's ArtPhotography Non MM member yet but OMP# 28644 (Very professional, fun, easy to work with and very creative) Images by Yancy MM# 120892 (Professional, easy to work with, fun and very creative) Jaguar Photography MM# 289057 (Very professional, smart, fun, very creative and talented) GARY DANIELS MM# 120358 (Very professional, fun, patience, talented and very creative) Keith Mc Nulty MM# 4692 (Very creative, talented, fun, patience and professional) Frank Rehm Photography MM# 173425 (Very fun to work with, creative, talented and professional) PHOTOGRAPHY UNLIMITED MM# 76009 (Very talented, creative, professional and fun to work with) Jake Jacobs MM# 196608 (Professsional, creative, talented and easy to work with) JPineda Images MM# 281636 (Very nice photographer, very creative and fun to work with) Starting Images MB# 103081 (Amazing, humble, patience, talented, fun and professional) Robert Torre Photography MM# 29454 (Such a down to earth, fun, professional photog to work with) CSC Photography (Very nice person, fun, easy, professional and very creative) LeDeux Art MM#148172 (Amazing, talented, creative, fun & professional to work with) TERRY WHITE MB# 103269 (Very talented, creative, fun to work with, easy and professional) 240184 Studios MB# 103039 (Great photographer, talented, creative and fun to work with) Jason Hunken MB# 102913 (Very nice, fun, creative, down to earth and awesome photog) METIVIER'S PHOTOGRAPHY MB# 102794 (Professional photographer, very creative, talented and fun) John Carman Photography MB#102944 Bill Lemon Photography MB# 102694 (Such an outstanding photographer, very professional, down to earth, talented, very creative and awesome to work with) Models: Xiomada Non-MM member c/o Starting Images (Down to earth, humble, talented and very fun to work with) SOMA STARDUST MM# 201254 (Very sweet, fun, talented, easy to work with and awesome) Make Up Artists: LaurenWarner MUA MB# 101407 (Professional, talented, creative, fun and easy to work with) Esther---Non MM MUA member (Love her, very talented and she rocks!!!) Brittany---Non MM MUA member (She is very creative, patience and an excellent MUA) ROCK ROYALTY MAKEUP MM# 270038 (Very professional, talented, fun, very creative and Chelsea rocks!) THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! God bless, Marianne ~Contact me via email~ runaway2x04@yahoo.com marie2775@hotmail.com wildredsuspenders@gmail.com wildredsuspenders@hotmail.com http://www.istudio.com/wildredsuspenders http://www.simplymodel.com/wild_red_suspenders My Personal Websites. Feel free to sign in my guestbook: www.MarianneWRS.com www.MarianneWildRedSuspenders.name www.MarianneWildRedSuspenders.com http://www.modelbrigade.com/index.php?page=videos§ion=view&vid_id=100130


05 Jun 16 17:00
You have nice works! love it!
04 Nov 14 17:13
Thank you for all of the tags!!
20 Mar 14 01:16
amazing portfolio :) thx for the FR cheers
20 Mar 14 00:05
Hey WRS! So good to see you again. Hope you will be around more often. I love your port so much!
19 Mar 14 13:11
HI!! Thanks so much for your listing!! Kiara
13 Mar 14 14:03
good to hear from you, and thanks for the list add
01 Mar 14 19:29
Beautiful port!
08 Dec 13 19:25
Great work
22 Sep 13 12:20
Fitness models You have beautiful photos, This is my website http://www.planetbeachbody.com if you are interested in fitness modeling try one of our products
17 Sep 13 04:59
Hi from Chicago !
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