Lizzie Angyl
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 Đơn vị Anh (lbs / in.)
 Hệ mét (kg / cms)
Chi tiết
Chiều cao:5'1"
Cân nặng:130 lbs
Cỡ giày:6.5
Màu tóc:Màu đỏ hoe
Chiều dài tóc:Ngang vai
Màu mắt:Màu nâu đỏ
Sắc tộc :Người Cáp-ca
Màu da:Màu ô liu
Kinh nghiệm:Nhiều năm kinh nghiệm
Lương:Tùy vào công việc
Thông tin
Ngày tham gia:1 Jul 2009
Ngày gần nhất:7 Oct 2014

Về tôi

I am 50 yrs old and a Mom. I workout regularly and take very special care of myself. I believe there is a place for anyone in this industry, and I believe that people who think they can insult you because they are younger need to realize that time stops for no one. There are no exceptions. All we can be is the best we can be here and now.

Tín chỉ

I have worked in past with EA Photographics
and various others in Chicago area.... I have not as of yet
done any assignments since I moved to Alabama.


09 Oct 14 11:12
Lizzie- I'm going to be on the east coast and needed to know if you will talk about the type of work you are open to shooting!???
30 Nov 09 23:46
Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you in the future. The 45 is a misprint ...right? More like 35
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