About Me

Thank you for stopping by to check me out!

a little about me:
I'm a: Cosmetologist (hair, nails, makeup, etc)/Musician/Model/Writer/Dancer/Veterinary Tech/Amateur Seamstress/Stylist
(There are many other things I am trained to do, ;) however they do not relate to this industry other than to show I am confident and very hardworking!)

Im currently a Cosmo student, it makes me so happy and I cannot wait to start freely creating and making people feel their most beautiful!! I just moved here from Arizona and I'm loving this adventure so far it's so different from the desert. I like nerd things, girl things, fun things, and art things :) I love to be challenged and get creative <3

I take initiative and am easy to work with, but most importantly, I will always give you 200%, just don't mind me if I talk to much;) I love to get to know you!!

Career Goals: to become a bona fide Pin-up Girl ;)) XO - Ciao!


20 Mar 15 20:47
Amazing pics !
25 Feb 15 06:21
keep it girl .. it awesome jop
15 Feb 15 20:42
Nice port! Keep up the good work.
13 Feb 15 14:44
Nice work!
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