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I was part of the" Battle of the Sexes" Project on Model Mayhem. BOTS was an on going international project where models and photogs would get together and plan fun, FEMALE EMPOWERING SHOOTS!!!!
THE CONCEPT: The MALE models pose NUDE for a change...and the GIRLS keep all of their clothes ON!!!! It's fun, high fashion, and gives the girls a chance to treat the boys like sex objects, haha :p Feel free to message me if you'd like help setting up a "Battle of the Sexes" shoot :)
*Model Mayhem closed it down because they don't allow" "Collaboration" - of course it was all MEN that closed it down!!!! lol!


About me:
My name is John. I started out as an actor/ male stripper. I've done extra work and a few shoots.I was also a Butler in the Buff. Yes, exactly what it sounds like! We're hired to cater events for women wearing nothing but an apron - Buns totally bare! I've been told that I should try modelling so I'm giving it a wirl! Hope to network and make some new friends in the biz!!!!



21 Jul 16 05:23
Fun port--you have the appearance, the presence, and the attitude. Nicely done. If you do any traveling, we're not that far from Woodburn. Hint.
20 Jul 16 17:15
amazing port :)
20 Jul 16 00:50
I wish that could bt am in africa and ur in usa
26 May 16 08:23
Amazing port
23 Dec 15 05:32
Hi John Thanks for the FR What a nice body Promising port :)
13 Oct 15 10:52
Hi John, thanks for your comment and list!
18 Sep 15 11:29
Thanks for the great comment!
07 Jul 15 14:54
LOVE your port!
28 May 15 00:49
Hey John, thanks for the lovely pic comment.You have a really nice portfolio :)
11 Apr 15 03:32
Hey John Thanks for the friend request & pic comment! Lovely portfolio :)
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