Elara - 5-20-12 Midwest Photographics.
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:94 lbs
Measurements:32-25-31 in
Shoe Size:8.5
Hair Color:Other
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Join:4 Aug 2011
Last:3 Aug 2012

About Me

Hey There! (:
My name is Leslie but I go by Elara.
I've been modeling for fun about 3 years now, I am looking to get into the industry more professionally, especially through local fashion shows or modeling for local businesses.

I don't have a specific style that I would consider myself stuck to, I'm open to most anything, although "Alternative" would probably be the most natural choice for myself.
I'm always open to new, fun ideas!

I love graffiti/urban decay, natural settings, pin up or victorian styles a lot!

Pinup shoots, just love them!
Vintage themed shoots.
A Mermaid shoot. I have a make shift one that would require some photo shopping, if you have a mermaid tail that would be lovely! I have accessories that would fit well with any color[s].
Fairy shoot. Photoshop skills would be preferred here too.
Anything urban decay or just cutesy.
Plastic/Newspaper dress/clothing.
Something requiring fur coats. I have these vintage mink coats from who knows where in my closet..I'm not a huge fan of fur personally but I think they deserve something to do.
Fashion Shows, modeling for local businesses, I'm looking to expand my experience professionally.
Anything else that sounds fun and you'd like to have me model for you, message me!

Jobs for pay would be nice too (or at least cover travel expenses) but it is NOT a requirement, whatever they may be as long as its not nude. I love meeting people and having fun modeling so I will try my best to make it to a shoot if I have the funds at the time.

I'm not big on anything with lingere..I am comfortable with swim wear, nothing less than that. Implied nude would be fine. I prefer to be more casual/dress up though.

I like to have wild colors in my hair, it changes often, just ask what it is at the moment if you're concerned. Lately it's been dark brown, my natural color. I have a lip piercing, 2 ear lobe piercings (in each ear) and a helix in my right ear, which I can remove for shoots if needed. I'm not planning on getting anymore piercings right now.
I have no tattoos, not really planning on any.

Don't currently have any money to travel around much (will travel farther if expenses are covered or we meet half way//Message for details);
I CAN travel about 35 miles or so from my home. So Goshen, Mishawaka, South Bend, Granger, Syracuse, Bristol, Edwardsburg, Niles, Constantine or in between/near there.
In the summers (late May - late September -- weekends and holiday weekends) I CAN travel around or to the Warsaw, Columbia City, Plymouth, North Manchester area. I will even consider as far as Fort Wayne, IN, Michigan City, IN or St. Joseph, MI. (: I Would LOVE to work with some of you Chicago photographers! However I can't get out that far without a photographer willing to meet up a bit closer to me and drive in or a bit of gas money. Sorry! :(

I also like to do Photography! Not a very great camera currently, though.
I've only taken pictures of landscapes, no actual models.

I'm quite friendly and easy going, I also smile a lot and tend to be shy at first. I prefer some direction from the photographers, after all it is their images and I'd like to know what it is they are wanting. ;P
I am open to working with other models and have in the past, see references below.

I do not do shoots without taking someone along with me unless I have met you before at least once or have friends that have previously met/modeled/shot with you.

I like to keep communication with those I am working with before & after. I guarantee if some issue arises I will notify you quickly and I appreciate the same respect back, I have never flaked, I believe if you make plans you better damn well keep them! Haha.

Please feel free to message me if you'd like to work together sometime!


* = How many multiple times I've worked with them.

Fashion Shows; [VERY MUCH looking to do more!]
ACD Ladies Tea Vintage Fashion Show [9-2-11]

#1536872 Behind Closed Doors Photography* [12-15-10 - http://i.imgur.com/Za0Kf.jpg]
Orange Paper & Beauty [11-20-11 - http://bit.ly/sGPTEU]
Orange Paper & Beauty [01-08-12]
Orange Paper & Beauty [02-23-12]
Orange Paper & Beauty [07-08-12]

#700860 StarryNight Photography********
#1789670 Yellow Bee Photography***
#1536872 Behind Closed Doors Photography**
Midwest Photographics [http://on.fb.me/JJ4qq6]
MoFlo Photography [http://on.fb.me/JJ4i9V]
#2203754 Dakarai Breveard
#2437735 Vivid Xpressions*
#2376462 LSG Photography
#1786229 Jeff Chandler**
Bryan Chris Photography [http://www.bryanchrisphotography.com/]
Mike Fowler; Michiana Images [http://on.fb.me/qyKdCt]***
Brigitte Fries [http://on.fb.me/xzc805]
Jon Gilchrist [http://www.jongilchristphotography.com/]
Carl Obremski [http://on.fb.me/pJraxY]**
Shayne Culp [http://on.fb.me/HzlU2y]
Rob Miller [http://on.fb.me/IK1G8F]
Sarah Slatton [http://on.fb.me/JfARWa]
Lindsey Chapman [http://on.fb.me/uZ9Brg]
#1778163 TheManBehindTheLenz
#1838291 Tara Ashlee Photography
#453110 KM Photography*
Orange Paper & Beauty*** [http://on.fb.me/tDMUHH]
Urban Mayhem Photography [http://on.fb.me/GKN6Lh]
RANDom Photography [http://on.fb.me/GKNbyO]
Great Scoop Photo [http://www.greatscoopphoto.com]
#1963787 Vision Art
#866564 Espinosa Photography
#1185475 Joe Moore Photography
#2028650 Ashley Jones
Deb Yoder [http://on.fb.me/iYzI4v]
Rakshit Tirumala [http://on.fb.me/idgOki]
Tyler Espick [http://on.fb.me/jTOKqg]
John Rothwell [http://on.fb.me/mCHEdt]*
Miller's Photography [http://on.fb.me/kwEQqR]
Seemit Praharaj [http://on.fb.me/kRFY1W]
#1795058 JASR Photography**
DK Photography* [http://on.fb.me/e5giTP]
CPhotography* [http://on.fb.me/hCu9nN]
Maria Galicia [http://on.fb.me/ftPaHN]
Leslie Danger [http://on.fb.me/ecZjpK]
Angelica Williams* [http://on.fb.me/eNtQMs]
Modeled for Autumn's Eyes [http://autumnseves.com/models.php]
Sean O'Hara Photography* [http://on.fb.me/glj7C8]
Terry Ragan [http://on.fb.me/syHLUg]
Tina Zimmerman Photography [http://on.fb.me/gRhTJ9]
Ryan & Erica [http://on.fb.me/gEXH9t]
Essex Photography [http://mysp.ac/dSbrym]

Yesenia Carrillo [http://bit.ly/zDoGhn]
Brooklynn Melton [http://on.fb.me/sM6qG8]
Kimberly Gappa [http://on.fb.me/MUy3WU]
#2028650 Ashley Jones*
Angelica Williams [http://on.fb.me/eNtQMs]
Lauren Yowell [http://on.fb.me/enxxLX]
Teresa Yoder [http://on.fb.me/g6NrT7]
Nick Chris [http://on.fb.me/l8ZltK]**
Juan Guerrero [http://on.fb.me/zwXAgM]
Ruth Borntreger [http://on.fb.me/GNzhy9
Amanda Evans [http://on.fb.me/GO1QId]

Make Up Artists/Hair Stylists;
Emily Enders [http://on.fb.me/JwkHhb]
Ashley Martin [http://on.fb.me/IUlnaJ]
Tosha Graddy [http://on.fb.me/yeHrk5]
#1017308 Monica Elias Make-Up*****
Anne Pressel [http://on.fb.me/sxnPsx]
Diana Salazar**** [http://on.fb.me/vxTVRw]
Alejandra Rodriguez* [http://on.fb.me/w0dZHL]
Jacqueline Canul [http://on.fb.me/gNWPRW]
#1515734 Make Up by Keria "CNyle"


23 Jun 12 22:04
Would love to work with you sometime :)
28 Mar 12 18:12
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at design@siegeind.com to talk further thanks!
07 Sep 11 01:57
You have two different styles and I like both of em.. keep it up
07 Aug 11 20:52
welcome to istuido!! good luck!
06 Aug 11 19:47
Thank you (:
06 Aug 11 13:56
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived locally so we could shoot.
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