About Me

I am currently the Creative Director for Bigfoot Entertainment. I've been in the advertising agency for about 10 years already. I do art direction, photography, graphic design and concept development for ad campaigns.

I am willing to do all kinds of fashion photo shoots.

Models, visit Cebu, Philippines and let's have a photo shoot.


21 Nov 11 12:48
you have nice works! love it!
09 Feb 10 03:10
07 Feb 10 15:00
Nice to see you on iStudio. I just got my account. How are things in Cebu? I heard a swarm of oldies came through not too long ago; I'm jealous. ; ). Keep up the great work! Bryan
04 May 09 19:43
I'm doing good RAJ!!! I'm now working on the County Fair Musical in Mn. My next project is a film called "Grandpa" so I'm staying busy. How are things in Cebu?
24 Apr 09 08:06
Good my dear, wohoo....now we can Tag here... :) How´s everything? Did the pics help?
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