About Me

I'm a photographer and publisher. My days are spent either shooting, scouting new talent for print, or working laying out magazines & commercial artwork.

If I added you it's because I see something that's appealing to my eye. Lets shoot, or maybe set you up with one of our photographers world wide for some publicity.

CASTING CALLS: Some are randomly published on here in casting calls, some are reserved for models I work with routinely. If you expect consideration, please know that test shoots are required, I'm not going to recommend to a client or an advertising agent a model I haven't worked with prior.

COMMITMENTS: If you make a commitment and you don't follow through, you have illustrated your work ethic sufficiently enough for me to know I do not want to work with you. If you cannot communicate on prospective shoots with the exception of random emails here, its suggests that your not committed to the task and therefore I should not commit either. Be sincere if you want me to reserve my time for you.


National and Internationally televised events. Maidenform Lingerie, Always Riding U.K./Muxu Riding Apparel, Beacon Arts Magazine, Sports News, Today's Photographer,Several Galleries

I'm not a new photographer by any sense. To maintain this portion would be to edit almost daily. I've successfully scouted models into some of the worlds largest agencies, that puts credit to my name, trade and art.


03 Jan 17 16:26
Nice Photos :)
10 Sep 14 14:45
Amazing work!
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