About Me

Am a universecity student,a model cause i love it since toddler age,i luv travellin,watchin movies,hungin out with friends and making new friends,like reading novel,swimming,physical exercises,am so adventurious ,trying new things and places,am a good teamplayer,am social person,am good listener, i wish that i get opportunity to work in european agencies not only africa in my country cause i trully luv modellin so i can archieve my goals cause am ambitious


09 Feb 22 03:57
lets work on traveling $ photo shoots publications (USA) yes you will be well payed CHECK YOUR MESAGES
02 Aug 16 09:54
I'm available for free collaborations with qualified aspiring & working Models and Nikonians Pro Photographers & Videographer from in/out NY State and Manhattan and five borough of New York City. www.facebook.com/SalvatoreVergonePhotographer
20 Jul 16 14:44
It wud b nice!in africa is abit conservative!!n bsides who will b takiñ the photoz?and am i goin 2 get paid for it?
20 Jul 16 10:10
We'll make it happen :) you are gorgeous! It would be amazing couples shoot :)
20 Jul 16 00:47
John brit!wish that i could bt am in africa
19 Jul 16 23:04
Beautiful! Would love to,work with you!!!! :)
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