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:-)Good day. I come from a small town in Ukraine. I like the original idea. when it is not easy in life, I see life in semitones. For myself, I prefer the gym, power sports.
I like a man who can be different. At the same time I can have conflicting emotions. Sometimes I wear a mask. Since I have the skills of a professional makeup artist, I just have to choose: "What I am today ?!" :-):-)
I'm more interested modeling, photographies and new images of makeup.
I am interested in the history and study of biographies of famous people
I'd be happy to take part in new projects


17 Feb 15 09:05
thanks for the tag have you e-mailed me back.
16 Feb 15 10:38
I wish there was some rule here about if you updating your port... if you didn't sign in over a year you you lose it... or you get fined...?? Its kind of sad... really... so many of the models fall off the roles...
15 Feb 15 17:33
Amazing port Antonia!!! Wow :)
15 Feb 15 17:28
Striking beauty
13 Feb 15 14:07
Great port! Keep up the good work.
11 Feb 15 15:39
Lovely work!
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