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I love challenges..I love to be on the stage and in front of the camera- it gives me pleasure, makes me feel alive. I like to experiment and try out new things, I like to be presented in different visions and styles. I don't use the words 'I can't' for myself. I don't like boundaries and limits. I like to do everything classy, perfect, brilliant- to the finest levels...
Professional, available worlwided, beautiful, wild and gorgeous


22 Jan 15 12:59
Are you available for a model training/portfolio/promotion program (limited places for qualified candidates)? You fit commercial model assignments/projects I'm doing...reply to my inbox for details. Jon
08 Nov 14 11:16
Wo bis du in Berlin... ich bin oft in neben den Brandenburg Tor da gibt es eine paar hotels und eine freund der eine studio die ich Mieten kann. Ich bin dir nach Dez... sag mir wann du mal zeit hast ok?
31 Jul 14 13:16
Gorgeous work!
24 Sep 13 14:01
I am looking for 10 fitness models to use and promote my products http://www.planetbeachbody.com/ Are you interested in the challenge? https://www.facebook.com/robert.thurston.712
17 Aug 13 02:24
Thanks for The friendship. Loved ur beautiful port , Wish we could collaborate together soon later
05 Aug 13 16:19
Thanks for adding me Biliana. Beautiful pics.
02 Apr 13 07:01
I like Paris a lot and I always like to go there ;) give me a reason and I'll be there ;)
02 Apr 13 06:37
Woww ! I hope see you in Paris :)
28 Mar 13 02:28
Welcome to iStudio. Awesome work. Wish I lived in Germany
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