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East Yorkshire {UK} based photographer covering all styles from simple portrait, fashion main stream/fhm style.. Lingerie/beachwear glam/fhm style.. Page 3, glamour nude & fetish art. Working towards Selective beneficial T.F/portfolio building. Working with M/F models..
location or studio.
If I shoot tfcd etc, I do my best to select a location or studio, also good If Models can come up with a few suggestions or lay their hands on a location. I also carry & use alot of equipment which trust me can do the work, So If there is any cancelations it`s better to let me know with notice as 5 minutes before a shoot, as loading up is an absolute pain in the Ass.
I may on the odd occaision need to re-arrange, but I do so In good time, I also accept models may need to do this & put it down to personal circumstance.
So on a tf shoot I put as much in as I would a paid shoot.
Yes I`d love to get paid.

Does size & Quantity matter:
So the old myth that size matters, not in my book. I`d rather spend 3 to 4 hours on a shoot & get 30 to 50 creative, eye catching images rather then wow I shot 500 shots that are totally useless. I`m pretty relaxed & don`t dance around like a Diva, rather more laid back, 1 eye for the shot & the other eyes crazily looking around for other places in the picture to shoot. So to me Quality over-rides Quantity & the size of disk you`re going to walk away with.
Note to new models:
Right boys & girls, here I`m not been cruel or an ass. If your mates say in a drunken stuppa, you`re gorgeous, you should be a model, in some cases you just might be but there`s a very big gap between someone thinking they have the looks & someone who can actually Pull it off on film/shot. I`m all for new models giving it a try out & see where you get, working with me will get you some honesty but it`s constructive guidance as to what I think you should do to progress.
Last Note:
Any one at all guys & girls, If you think we can offer something great, new or different to our portfolio`s drop me a line. I love shooting glamour etc but also looking for anything fashion, concept etc.

Thanks for reading.



02 Oct 09 09:17
Hello and welcome!
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