About Me

Thanks for checking out my iStudio page.

Most of my shots have very little editing or none at all.
I am not a fan of digital paintings that seem to overrun our society.
I tend to like real and unedited images.
I don't like boring images!
Basically the shots you see are how they come out of the camera.

I'm building up content for a Guzzi Girls book #2.
See the first at https://www.goliathbooks.de/goliath-eu/ … country=14

Check out some of my images at:

http://www.cyclegarden.com/cgi-local/Gu … eFolio.cgi

And HD Video on Vimeo at:

~Moe~714 848-5955 email models@cyclegarden.com




11 Jan 10 13:57
I love motorcycles and ladies! So I love your work.
02 Dec 09 15:59
Hey D.U.M. and C.U.M.!!! Just like to drop in on you and say hello once in a while!! xoxo
02 Nov 09 05:39
As always, your work inspires! I thank you!
02 Nov 09 01:44
love your work, nothings is sexier then beautiful women and bikes
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