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Lamiveer is created by Mia who studied fashion design and tailor in Paris and New York. After studying in New York, she and her friend Vladimir joined together and created their own line Lamiveer. It is a combination of their last names and feather in Dutch. Their main focus is winter jacket. While Helly Hansen, Moncler, North Face, Columbia, and other sportswear company inspire Vladimir’s work, Mia is focused on designing more trendy and stylish day-to-day jacket.
With venture capital investment, Vlad and Mia are able to start manufacturing their products. They have been successfully launched their items into some department stores in Asia as well as France. Now they are trying to expand their market to America.
Erin starts working for them in late 2010 when Mia returned from Paris to New York.


27 Feb 14 19:09
Fashion for a photo shoot. Shoot will take place on March 17, 2014. Shoot for Trade. At Hampton Inn & Suites, Poughkeepsie, NY.10-15 looks. Between 11am – 4pm. contact me at:; subject: Photographer looking for makeup artist stu
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