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Hi i'm a hair and makeup artist based in Philippines. I'm currently working with photographers and models for portraiture and weddings. I also have quite big network of clients back in my hometown. Willing to meet new people in the fashion industry on a wider perspective, i joined this site. I am hopeful to have more experiences in my field of art and share the talent that i have. Also, i'm very open to new learnings in all aspects of life. When given the opportunity to travel in other countries, i'd be willing to meet up local artists for photoshoots and events :) Hope to work other talented models, photographers and stylists. Let's keep this passion alive! :)


07 Dec 13 23:20
Beautiful work Teeny, keep it up.
28 Aug 12 06:45
Contact us through Email for rates and requests. I will try to reply immediately. We have quick turn-arounds and guarantee you satisfaction, professionalism and quality. www.psgraphicsart.com
07 Aug 12 01:57
Nice port
27 Jul 12 09:31
Your work is beautiful!
26 Jul 12 05:02
Hi Teeny and thanks for the FR. You have some fine work on show in your port. Jeff...
25 Jul 12 08:09
love and interested in you beauty looks amazing work . cheers
23 Jul 12 22:27
Photo Retoucher available! "like" Brunette Grenade Retouching on Facebook for a chance to win free photo retouching :)
20 Jul 12 17:45
Welcome to iStudio.
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