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About Me

Ok so I'm Anna Molinao, I'm 22 years old born February 23, 1989..

Well it takes some time to get to know me.. I mean the real me!

People can infer whatever they want from the way I look, but I guarantee their assumptions are miles off.

You can judge me for the way I live my life and the decisions I make, but at least make an attempt at getting to know me before writing me off as another typical girl.

You'd probably come to find that I'm nice and very kind than you would have guessed or I would have displayed, and the quality you can't miss is my politeness and kindness to everyone I meet.

I was raised to treat everyone with respect.. (Until they give me a reason not to.. ;) kidding!..*wink*)

I have more important things to worry about than who's dating who and who hates who etc.

I want to be a writer when I’m older.. Because I so so so love to write.

On the outside I like to have lots of attitude and portray a touch person who can't be phased, but I’m actually the most sensitive and fragile girl ever.. And I hate it!..

It’s really rare for people to see that side of me though. But that's only just scratching the surface, if you wanna know more make an attempt to talk to me by adding me here or by messaging me. ;)

I love everything in FASHION!.. Fashion is my passion!..

And most important thing, I LOVE MY MOM and I ROCK!.. ;) _\m/_


-Anna ;x


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