About Me

I am an editorial fashion and glamour photographer based in Pittsburgh PA with studios in Pittsburgh, Dallas, Atlanta and Mexico as well as a new location in Salt Lake City. JCCPIX is a niche photography company that is capable of responding to special and urgent requests by publishers by having a model management company, graphic artists, retouchers and a network of photographers all in one company.

JCCPIX Model Management covers over 300 models nationwide. JCCPIX Model Management is designed to introduce models to new ways to make money in this industry as well as focusing their modeling path on their modeling goals. JCCPIX works with experienced models and new models in order to produce publications for clients and establish working relationships with client companies.


New York Fashion Week
Inspiring Lives Magazine
Playboy Magazine
Maxim Magazine
FHM Online
Fox Sports Online
MSN Online
Thunder Roads Magazine
E'Lon Couture Magazine
Living Magazine
Body Beautiful Magazine
Gameday Magazine
Game Time Magazine
Rebel 347 Magazine
ModelEmi Magazine