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***** Amani Madsen *****
First Lady of Glam

I live in Los Angeles, California. I date Ed Couture, the photographer. We are working on alot of projects/submissions, together. Right now, I am focusing on shooting with the best of the best, and submissions/tearsheets/magazines/contests, etc! If you submit to magazines reguarly, please feel free to message me so we can get to shooting and get published!

115 pounds
No Tattoos
No Nude

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iSTudio: IS#
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One Model Place: OMP#


*Kent DStudios of Columbia, SC ; MM #201643--------------------------------------- X5
*Alan Tauber of Columbia, SC; MM #1988476
*Robbie Mills Photography of Myrtle Beach, SC
*Artforms Photography of Greer, SC ; MM #6949
*Wicked Shadows Photography of Lancaster, SC
*Kenneth Green of Carolina Model Project of Columbia, SC ; MM #1015813-----X2
*Lindsay McSwain Photography of Columbia SC ; MM#1837666-------------------X2
*Dan Newbanks Photography of Columbia, SC---------------------------------------X3
*Sparkling Shadows of Columbia, SC ; MM #376911--------------------------------X2
*Southern Images of Columbia, SC ; MM #39010
*Blaque Waltz Media Photography of Sumer, SC ; MM #1833271
*Robert Scott Images of ATL, GA; MM#101890---------------------------------------X3
*Robert Perry Photography of Augusta, SC ; MM #13666
*Touch of Grace Photography of Greer, SC ; MM #525612
*Steve Gregory of Birmingham, AL ; MM #608908
*DKN Images of Charlotte, NC ; MM #1597946
*Glencoe Photography of Charleston, SC ; MM #1398860
*Paul Hamer of Birmingham, AL ; MM#33115
*Silver Studio of Manning, SC.
*BJV Productions of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
*Ed Couture of Los Angeles, CA. ----------------------------------------------------X3
*Robert Alvarado of California.--------------------------------------------------------x5
*CAB Photography of San Deigo, CA.
*Matthew Robbinson Photography of San Deio, CA.
*Wicked LA of Los Angeles, CA.
*Danny Does Glamour of Los Angeles, CA.
*Aaron Riveroll of Los Angeles, CA.

***** MUA's *****
*Hazel Eyed Queen MUA ; MM #1003075

*2005 Junior Teen Chicken Struct
*2005 Junior Teen Columbia 1st Runner Up
*2005 Junior Teen Miss Camden
*2005 LMSC Pageant Top 10
*2007 Teen Miss Camden
*2010 Hooter's Bikini Contest @ Hooter's of Columbia, SC ( April 1, 2010 )
*2010 Rock 93.5 Bikini Contest Top 2
*2010 Rock 93.5 Bikini Contest Finals
*2011 Whiskey River BootsNBikinis Top 10 (May)
*2011 South Beach Model Search 2011 2nd Place
*2011 Rock 93.5 Bikini Contest Top 2

***** EVENTS *****
2011 Epic Direct Bash @ Playboy Mansion
2011 Kandy Shop Model Search 2011 Riverside, CA

***** PROMOTING *****
*Vizion Wear Clothing Line of Albuquerque, New Mexico ; MM #609657
*Kandy Shop Bikinis

***** MAGAZINES *****
*2011 KROWN Magazine of San Diego, California ; MM #422532
*2011 Southern Peach Magazine of Baxley, GA ; MM#7646
*2011 Nutekspeed Automotive Magazine

***** WEBSITES *****
*Feature @ Machorhino.com
*Feature @ Nutekspeed.com
*Feature @ EarlMiller.com
*Feature @ PedalSupreme.com


11 Apr 14 11:13
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15 Jun 12 18:57
Nice Port. Check out my blog at JohnLafataPhotographer.blogspot.com to see if I could help you take your modeling to the next level with some HD Video.
02 Jan 12 03:44
Hey Now! Let me know if you want to do something together.
24 Oct 11 10:35
OUTSTANDING Work here Amani!!!
13 Oct 11 20:15
lets do a session ! I have assignments coming up!
17 Aug 11 20:28
Wow. Welcome to iStudio. Very impressive list of people that you have worked with.
17 Aug 11 06:50
Hi Amani and welcome to iStudio. Great looks and figure, but more importantly, a natural in front of the camera. Good look and best wishes from the UK. Jeff.....
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