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I've been shooting pictures as a hobby for years. I really got started in the late 70's. I was a real hold out on the digital 'revolution' until they finally reached near 35mm quality... I've been working with my D70s for over 7 years and really like the freedom to shoot and see the way digital allows.
***March 2012 - updated camera to D7000

I love to travel - been spending time on road trips lately to see America, so far I've hit 39 of the lower 48.

To me Photoshop is for adjustments to a photo, it is not to create the image. If you want to do that, you want an artist, not a photographer. I don't mind altering colors some or doing some minor touch up, some noise reduction. I think photography is an art which combines the skill and imagination of the photographer and subject (or model.) I like the finished product to resemble what was going on in the view finder. In the immortal words of Marty McBride, "I shoot with a camera, not a magic wand!"

For the most part, I am here to get some great images, hopefully enhance some portfolios, enjoy photography, improve my skills and have a good time along the way.

My shoots are TF*, I will provide the model with a full sized and reduced copy of all edited images. The model may select up to 5 images for editing per hour of shooting time. You will never see a pic of you that you haven't received a copy. I don't have a studio, so shoots will be be location (indoors or outdoors.) If a studio is required, a portion of the studio rental fee will be required.

If you are interested in shooting, let me know.

ESCORTS - Escorts are fine. I've not had any issues and feel like the session will work better and the photos be better if the model is at ease.

Generally I can shoot on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. If I'm not showing scheduled and you have one of those days open hit me up for a shoot.

Weekends and nights are almost always reserved for family time.



Alyssa Cruz (Mayhem #2344964)

Lindsey Erin (Mayhem #462061)

Daniella Bryant (Mayhem #2236943) *

Whitney The Model (Mayhem #2370108) *

Brittany Fearse (Mayhem #1131446) *

Whitney B (Mayhem #577166) *
Susan b (Mayhem #2234443) *
Susan b (Mayhem #2234443) DSC_0081CJ_nPer by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Vampire Jessie (Mayhem #905151)

Samantha Counts: (Mayhem #1314766) *

Sarah Cox (Non-MM)
Jordan Thomason (Mayhem #2303309)
Linzgrl (Mayhem #2369504)

Red Line Girls of Arkansas - Bikini car wash
Brooke Jean Walker (Mayhem #2314364)

AndreaPadilla (Mayhem #2310660)
Gabriela Castillo (Non-MM)

Yolanda UrEbony-Goddess (Mayhem #1904764) *

Sammy Jo (Mayhem #2293844) **
Sammy Jo (Mayhem #2293844) DSC_0066_CJ_NPecolr by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Ann Phoenix (Mayhem #2313939)

Chandra Skz (Mayhem #2316699) *
Chandra Skz (Mayhem #2316699) DSC_0077_CJ_Pner by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Hannah Raleigh (Mayhem #2297061)

Lora Chancellor (non=MM)

JFrances (Mayhem #2308678) *
JFrances (Mayhem #2308678) DSC_0286_CJ_vePNnPer by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Jaime Allison (Mayhem #1979276) *

DSC_0048_CJ_Jaime_CPPnev by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Amanda Barfield (Mayhem #2290162)

Amanda Barfield (Mayhem #2290162) DSC_0013_CJ_Pner by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Latiera G (Mayhem #2156600)*
Kaity Waters (Mayhem #2139047)

Kaity Waters (Mayhem #2139047) DSC_0192CJ_PnCr by CJ Photography - LR, on Flickr

Brooke Haygen (Mayhem #2269784)
1987jamie (Mayhem #2156110) & James (Non-MM)
Amanda C (Non-MM)
Aysh (Mayhem #1089443)
Whitney Julianne (Mayhem #1979666) Kiawah Island, SC
LR_Daisy (Mayhem #1726181) *
Ian Coverdale (Mayhem #1410343)
Candace Gingrasso (Mayhem #2251884)
Cassandra Marsel (Mayhem #2251782)
Tonio Junior (Mayhem #1815125) *
Breanna (Non MM)
prettysmyl (Mayhem #1649487)
Jazmenn (Non MM)
doris night (Mayhem #1726971)
Vanessa Muffoletto (Mayhem #2147543)
Felicia Silva (Non MM)
Sara Gardner (Mayhem #1494702)

Guess Kendra (Mayhem #2107581)

Carmien (Mayhem #486063)
Nixxi Thornton (Mayhem #1998487)
bluejeanbaby (Mayhem #1826137)
Airell Magness (Mayhem #2092809)
Tracey Halbert (Mayhem #1308483)
Collin Knight (Mayhem #1941670) (New Orleans)

Guess Kendra (Mayhem #2107581)

Photoshop Wizards:
Tom Satherley (Mayhem #2255996)
Diesel Designs (Mayhem #1863213)

sklax17 (Mayhem #2337314)
Little Rock Photo (Mayhem #760566)
Parris S (Mayhem #519108)
D L Photography (Mayhem #1455694)
Depth of Life Photo (Mayhem #1668321)
Moore III (Mayhem #707816)

Friends are shown in order of most recent shoot to older...
* Indicates multiple shoots

Organizer of the First Annual Arkansas River Sunrise Bikini shoot
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04 Nov 15 22:17
Very cool work and I like your couples and landscape images.
22 Oct 14 16:28
Very nice port. Keep it up!
22 Oct 14 13:17
Lovely work!
02 Apr 12 15:24
and pic comment!
02 Apr 12 15:18
thanks for the FR...
02 Dec 11 11:53
i'll definitely do that! (:
21 Sep 11 15:24
Thank you for the comment.
03 Sep 11 18:22
Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it. Monika
29 Jul 11 09:53
hi thank you so much for pic cooment,,:-)
17 Jul 11 04:33
Perfect Port.......like this....:)
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