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Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are two women in hollywood history whom i admire most. Their photo's and quotes speak volumes about their hearts and who they really were as people. They were beautiful, intelligent, and confident in who they were. They continue today to be the beauty icons for so many people around the world, to be the inspiration a young woman needs to follow her dreams, and to teach us daily that you are beautiful no matter what your size ... complete opposites physically, Audrey was very petite & Marilyn was extremely curvy, but nevertheless, they both could & would capture audiences all over the world with their outstanding beauty, poise, & very essence.
Their lifestyles scream it, but their photos... their photos sing it & they sing it loudly.

That's what i want, that's what i strive for.
My photos, i want to capture the moment, but i strive to have them sing & sing loudly... beauty, poise, & my very essence.


17 Jun 14 00:47
Nice work!
13 Jun 14 17:31
Thank you for the FR Kealy x
30 Mar 12 16:27
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at design@siegeind.com to talk further thanks!
02 Dec 11 21:45
Hello, and good luck on your portfolio.
02 Dec 11 06:02
So if you ever make it towards Little Rock, let me know, love to work with you.
01 Dec 11 04:42
hello. :)
29 Nov 11 21:52
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived closer so we could shoot.
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