About Me

I love beautiful WOMEN ( not just the skinny Blonde Barbie dolls with perfect breast and no ass) and entertainment ( not just who the radio station feels is hot) and I feel that I have something to say, show, and express that the world has been denied do to Media and subliminal messaging on what WE should want and like. Just like Usher and Bobby said it, I can do it my way and it’s my prerogative to express my ideas. So I am aiming at the class of people that still enjoys’ a woman for that she is and enjoy seeing her for how she is, which is a beautiful woman. The crowd that still enjoying leading up to that prize at the end of the rainbow or that BIG piece of chicken at the end of a hard day. If you don’t understand what I am saying then you are not part of that crowd that I am doing this for but you are still welcome to check my site, your site out and see what I mean. When it comes, and along the way, I plan on spreading the wealth amongst my day one believers and couple models that hustle with us to get there. And no, I am not going to end up broke considering I am already there. I've died 4 times now I ready to live Once. hahahaha!