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Lee Brones has been a Professional Photographer for over thirty-eight plus years. He's photographed everything from landscapes, aerial shots of vintage aircraft, and covers for several of the top fashion magazines to Women in Guns. Lee is a specialist in the art of photographing women. He also authored the Pro Techniques of Artistic Figure Photography book that sold over two and a half million copies worldwide. Lee not only discovered new models, but also trained them to do professional work. One of his discoveries went on to become a supermodel in his figure work in his book, who has also been featured in several exhibits around the world, where women have asked him to photograph them in the nude. He has also artistically photographed pregnant women, before it became fashionable. Lee believes that photographers should glorify a woman's body, and not exploit them. His philosophy has always been based on 'Glorifying What God Created', rather than adding to Man's demoralization of women.'
Vernon Gorter
Senior Editor at HP Books
Pro Techniques of Artistic Figure Photography
By Lee Brones
Edition: Paperback
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability from Amazon.com


To me, photography has always been about feelings, loving; capturing images is like keeping mini time capsules of our lives. Images indeed not only capture the heart of its viewers, but allow them the freedom to journey back in time and remember to recall and linger in their special moments throughout eternity. By Lee Brones


13 May 16 05:38
Gorgeous photos!The model is excellent!!!Good luck to you!
31 Mar 14 16:02
Gorgeous port!
28 Mar 14 07:35
Magnificient work
26 Aug 11 00:49
Hi Lee, thank you for the friend request...have a great friday! R@ndi.......:)
25 Aug 11 23:19
Hi Lee, very nice port, thanks for the add!
25 Aug 11 14:20
Thanks for the image comment. Best wishes!
04 Aug 11 12:47
Thank you for the FR!! =) You Have A marvelous Port Great job^^
29 Jul 11 10:52
thank you very much for your comments and request!!!+ kisses from Italy :)
29 Jul 11 08:51
Love U port ...Perfect, someday u visit to jakarta, we can work together..:)
26 Jul 11 15:57
Thanks for the friend request Lee! Absolutely love your work!
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