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Hobbyist photographer over 20 years. I specialize in nudes, teen portraits, and glamour. I am located in the Central Valley of California.

I am also known as Aryx, and you can find me on MM at user 1850, or aryx.

As is mentioned on that account, I am currently battling lymphatic melanoma. It is probably one of the more deadly cancers, but I don't plan on leaving this life anytime soon. Treatment plans at this time are looking real good! I am still in pretty good health; it appears that we caught this thing before it started showing many signs, although looking back, there were a few things I should've paid more attention to.



23 Aug 12 08:19
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13 Sep 11 16:52
Haven't heard from you in a while.. Still kicking myself for missing the opportunity of your travel to Arizona a couple years back.. Hope all is well.
20 Jul 11 18:31
Great port. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Best, J
15 Jun 11 01:10
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14 Apr 11 11:56
Nice port!!!
06 Mar 11 09:40
Gonads and strife!!!!!
24 Feb 11 20:35
thanks for the FR and tag! ;^)
23 Feb 11 23:02
Amazing Portfolio!
23 Feb 11 15:19
Ow thanks a lot!! Kiara
23 Feb 11 14:58
thanks for the FR! -JM-
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