About Me

Creativity, sophistication, personality and professionalism are the four vital elements that make up our office.

The name "Runway" comes from the true essence of the fashion world.
The " Runway " is not just a simple modeling agency, but an office that selects Models with international experience to be included in Italy.
Founded in 2006 in the United States as the office of contracts for fashion, now can be considered as a reference point for Photographers, Fashion Stilyst, Casting Director and is addressed to those who have need to include projects working model is that all residents in Italy and outside Nation.

From those who have worked and now cooperate, we had only words of gratitude, both for the professionalism shown by our model for the speed in the present.

By clients who work with us for years, we found confidence continues confirmed not only women themselves but also advise on making faces emerging.
The decision to expand year by year our gallery with the introduction of new models, it allows you to assess what is right for your application.

We continue to choose and choose for you.
You also choose to work with us

Thanks for everything, Staff " Runway "


The model's craft is not for everyone.
To be considered by our staff, we require that the measures are these...

Age : No more than 21 years.
Hight : Minimun 1,75 centimetres.
Waist : Maximun 60 centimetres.
Hips : Maximun 90 centimetres.

Age : No more than 25 years.
Hight : Minimun 1,73 centimetres.
Size : Maximun 40/42 ( Italy measurements )

If you have all the necessary requirements, we will contact you and we will have ready answers to your ambitions !!
Thanks to all,
Staff " Runway "

Contact : req.runway@gmail.com
Skipe : Runway_Models