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My name is Savannah .
I started this business about 7 years ago and had no idea how it would become the rage of 2002 back when I started ,and is still going strong now into 2010. These gorgeous temporary Glitter Tattoo's are used for decorative purposes. It has made its way into the international fashion of our future, and is now one of the trendiest and hottest rage up to date!
These beauties are most commonly placed on the chest, shoulder,arm,belly,back ,or ankels. There are no limitations to the creativity of it's wearer. I have many designs to choose from and a variety of glitter colors.
People wear temporary glitter tattoo's to match their outfits,enhance their attractiveness,show their attitude or emphasize their personality .
Temporary Glitter Tattoo's ,beautify different parts of the body . This technique of tattooing is a painless ,temporary way to enhance your beauty.
You will look Gorgeous in our Glitter Tattoo's !
Whether you wear them out clubbing,
to the beach, or to the prom!
For all and any type of event or party you are celebrating!

We strongly believe that Unique Diva Designs Temporary Glitter Tattoo's will give you that daring and matchless beauty ...so go ahead , and let your desires fly with Unique Diva Designs !


31 Jan 12 16:42
Sorry the photo you want to use belongs to Maxim so it's unusable by anyone else.
04 Apr 10 14:36
Nice Portfolio!
04 Mar 10 22:28
How did artwork go??? regards...
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