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Welcome to my Profile and Portfolio.
Email: Carl.blum@live.com
Phone Number: 702.350.2586
I use Faceybook to show my recent work, add me to view.

Looking to update your Portfolio or Start one?

What I can offer you.
A decent opinion on what you need and what looks good.
Over 18 years Experience
Good communication
Good direction
Great photos

If you are working on a small budget, Just call and we will talk about what I can help you with.

Portfolio Prices:

Single Look: $75. One Photoshopped image.

Flat Rate:
As many outfit changes that you can do into the time you Choose.
As many locations we can visit.
You get:
1 Photoshopped image per look
A Copy of all useable photos from the shoot, unedited and RAW
Rights to All of the photos.
I will usually deliver the photos within 48 hours after you choose your best.
** Given the amount of time it takes to change wardrobes, I usually recommend that you Split a shoot with a friend or two. It does not affect my performance and your overall cost goes down.

Minimum rate: $350.00 3 hours.

Day Rate: $825 up to 8 Hours.

Wholesale rates agencies…. Call

Why Pay?

You can ask some experienced models, getting one look on a TF basis costs you a lot of money and a lot of time. To get yourself a decent working portfolio, you need “clothed” shots, and these shots need to conform to agency standards, the stuff that TF photographers really don’t want to shoot. You will spend approximately maybe $35 in Gas just getting to and from a single TF shoot for a single look. That cost times 8 looks adds up quick and then, it may take a month or two to get your photos. The whole time, you still don’t have a working portfolio for you to get work with an agency.
Then you have to consider, how much experience your TF photographer has. Will he help you get the looks you need? Will he properly direct you? Will he tell you the truth?
You also have to consider this, One Look, to an agency, is one wardrobe in one location. The use of more than one wardrobe in one location or studio looks amateur and agencies will generally tell you to get more looks. If you would like to see, how many looks I can get you in a specific time frame, email me and I will show you.

A Bit about me

19 years professional experience. My First Billboard (Las Vegas) was in May of 1993. First Magazine shoot, 1994. First Digital camera shoot 1997, Last film camera shoot 2003. Professional in Graphics/photoshop/airbrushing since 1989 (yep I am that old)
Basic Camera Make-up
Portfolios and Zedcards
Legal Stage Names


Clients and Publications:
Silver Nugget • Casino Cannery Group • Stations Casinos • Paradise Casino • Esquire Inc • Dynamic Choppers • Count’s Kustoms • Sunset Lanes • Iron Horse •Street Bikes • Broken Leash • Ed Hardy • Harley Davidson • Head Blade • Choppers Quarterly • Ol’ School Ridz • Rio Hotel •Tropicana Hotel • Lucky Exhibits • Stonehedge • Ed Roman Guitars • Cooper Tire • Bridgestone USA • Paradise Peaks Mine • Emerald Gardens • 702Weddings • Leftridge Entertainment • Girls of Vegas • Napoli Pizza • Renata’s Diner • Sin City Choppers • Noble Sports • A.D.A.• State of Nevada • Inked • Rolling Stone • Easy Rider • Speed • Classic Cruzin • and so many more I have just forgotten…… I been at it a long time.


14 Apr 14 12:26
Gorgeous port!
30 May 10 20:41
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
20 Dec 09 22:18
Thanks for the request :)
15 Oct 09 10:53
Thanks for the Pic Comment. Have a beautiful day!! Yay, an award for the best ass. Thanks! Maybe I'll insure it.
05 Oct 09 18:32
Thanks for the FR. Very nice port!! Brenda
29 Sep 09 22:56
thanks for the fr, carl! great work, all the best to you~
21 Sep 09 17:48
i love your port..... vary amazing work...
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