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My productions are currently housed in Maryland on the outskirts of DC on the Baltimore side. I like retouching, as a matter of fact there is a retoucher that I really really like. There is a lot to learn and little time to learn it.

When you get a spare moment view my website, there are more works there. (and I recently stayed up all night coding it so I'll be really mad if you don't look at it).

I like creativity and creating snapshots of the things my mind sees.

RULE #19 IS TRAVEL - so get your ass out here.

Also I am here to take over iStudio - on the popularity side of things with NEVER BEFORE RELEASED content!. So you can help me reach my goal of domination by commenting my photos and TAG'n my profile :D



****all the beautiful women that didn’t flake on me!****  ^_^

Danielle D. for letting me use her film camera and letting me keep the lens that came with it! :D 有難うございます!


18 Jun 15 07:40
nice work
22 Sep 13 12:14
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07 Jul 11 08:59
Nice work!
27 Nov 10 20:41
beautiful portfolio i love it http://zarihsretouching.com/
01 Sep 10 19:21
nice port...keep it up
24 Jul 10 15:59
Love your work as always. Keep it up! xo Marianne WRS
03 Jun 10 23:23
Thanks for thinking enough of my work to comment. Nice port as well... All my best, Dave
02 Jun 10 23:04
Thanks let me know if you're ever interested in placing an order :)
31 May 10 23:51
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
29 May 10 18:33
Lol, :)
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