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Although I was not discovered in a basket by an old woodsman in a hollow of a tree that had been struck by lightening. Nor was there a no note attached that said "Slippery when wet". Years did not pass, the woodsman did not do his best to raise me nor teach me the wonders of life. And a day did not come to pass that the woodsman decided to send me to a college where I could possibly expand my horizons (or at least get out of the basement, stop watching so much damn TV, and jeez haven't you even kissed a girl yet!).

Alas, I did not learn in College and I did not purchase land using money I had saved up selling pumpkin seeds. I did not sell the land to a real estate developer who had plans for a mall (not just any mall, but a really nice one with lots of women's apparel shops and a McDonalds - you know, something different). I did not make so much money on the deal that I would never have to work again and I did not start having strange cravings for eucalyptus leaves and then become a WereKoala!

Since none of this happened I strive to do my best every time, bring my skills forward, and offer creativity and professionalism to a job. With many years as a professional photographer and artist. I bring a vast pool of experience & skills to my work.Whether its a commercial photography assignment, a fine art pursuit, or managing a digital lab.



Columbia TriStar Sony Pictures Entertainment Pacific Palisades Theatre GA Communications University of California, L.A.


06 Jul 16 23:39
Excellent port, beautiful images :)
06 Feb 14 14:27
Amazing port!
01 Oct 13 16:19
Thank you for stopping by. Love your work. Fascinating portfolio! Brenda
19 Aug 13 00:20
Absolutely LOVE your port!
30 Jan 13 00:41
Cheers for the FR. Amazing work !
19 Jul 12 08:43
nice work!
10 May 12 07:28
hey ALLEN , may you get film acting job
02 Apr 12 10:59
Would love to do the nude shoot with the model posing with the white fur around her, very beautiful :)
27 Mar 12 04:09
Thanks for add, Visit my Page : www.facebook.com/cindy.devina.fans
12 Dec 11 07:53
Really love your work! Hope our paths cross one day :)
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