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Now Featuring scenes from the High Desert (or other places) our summer 2015 theme "Girls on the Rocks".

We closed out our week long celebration of America's greatest holiday with a fitting finale of bombshells bursting out all over. We began the week with the great American tradition of posing a beautiful, 5'10 all-American blond nude before the flag. Or else a big-busted Brunette.
(With the exception of the flag images, all photo elements shot by John Zaale copywrited and any use without permission strictly prohibited.)

Check our our Fourth of July Inspired Photo which is also our nominee for the new flag stamp (in the conservative version). Should sell out over and over again

Working in the grey area between art, photography and screenplays, where story line, humor and making a point extends the range of conventional photography bordering on kinetic media.

Seek fresh energetic models, no experience needed. Most models shown are students or young professionals and have included minor royalty, local, state and national government staffers, legal professionals, Olympic and college athletes and cheerleaders and other girls and women seeking to add to their experiences by showcasing their femininity. The fresh, sensitive emotional energy in the often first time experience of the models I portray is typical of the looks I like to capture. All models paid (unless shooting for a model's particular project).

I pay models, but I am selective...meaning models should fit the look of the project and like the nature of the work.

All models shown new to modeling at the time of these shoots and not on any modeling ports prior to these shoots (and few after these shoots). There is one exception: the incredible Cheyenne who is shown here.

P.S. all content, text, visual, labels the exclusive copyright of Design Studios and John Zaale. Written permission required for any and all usage.


Contributor and feature photographer for "Wheels and Squeals" mag. featuring hot cars, motorcycles and hot women.
Contributor to "Hollywood Squire" Mag (hot "can't miss" new starlets section).
Contributor to "Discovery of the Universe" mag, photography of new comets, stars and asteroid feature.
Writer and director for cable TV sitcom "Harry and Harry's Harem", a "laugh-in" style program showcasing models and actors from the Eastern U.S.
Featured photographer for "Save the Planet" poster program (polar bears, coral reefs, et. al.) using lots of beautiful models to get media attention(ongoing).
EcoPhoto promoter where before and after photography is used in various legal eco campaigns.


25 Jul 15 20:02
Hi John I have enjoyed looking through your portfolio. I want to shoot with you and be added to your portfolio. Are you coming to Florida or near Tampa anytime soon?
10 Mar 14 12:32
Gorgeous port!
03 Aug 12 04:36
Beautiful work!
01 Mar 12 01:03
Thanks for the tag!
19 Feb 12 11:33
thank you for very nice tag!!!! I m happy you like my work:)) All the best
02 Aug 11 04:08
Love U Port...Perfect, if you visit to jakarta maybe we can work together...:) you can also see the beauty of my country like Indonesia Anyer beach, Bali, Lombok, Borobudur and many other places as objects of shooting
08 Jun 11 14:34
Thanks for the picture comment; that was actually shot in Encinitas...
02 Jan 11 15:52
Amazing work, hope u have a great 2011!
18 Sep 10 14:13
Your photos of me have gotten such a great response. I can't thank you enough for bringing out the best in me. Love to do more when you are in area.
08 Sep 10 07:15
thanks for the comment
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