About Me

I am a mexican photographer resident of Los Angeles , CA. I been shooting for about 5 years,
for a while now been working closely with all major model agencies in LA,
almost all my time is consumed shooting my clients (catalog, look books, developing portfolios for agencies) and/or magazine assignments, but from time to time I do my own projects, can resume my thoughts in this simple points:

*I am a photographer.
*Shooting and styling is my work and my only way of income and I love it.
*Love coffee........ a lot!
*I wish people where more in to their own work and trying to grow them selves instead of mirroring their frustrations in others.
*please smile......... if not...... no big deal.....lol
*I only shoot for free if :
+ you fit exactly on an idea I want to shoot.
+ you or your parents are good friends of mine (please note.... been a good friend is not= to speak friendly to some one you dont know)
*if you want to develop your book I have some packages that are perfect for that in very reasonable rates :)

peace and try to be happy!




22 Aug 14 00:10
Amazing work!
25 May 10 11:59
20 May 10 11:22
Beautiful Port!
10 May 10 00:10
Love your work as always!!! xo Marianne WRS
26 Apr 10 14:03
Hola Josue...me encanta mucho tu trabajo...que barbaro de ti...lastima que no vives aqui...me gustaria trabajar contigo...cuidate mucho...te deseo lo mejor en tu carrera...ciao amigo !! Tu Angelito Laura
22 Apr 10 05:32
Love your work...
14 Mar 10 22:45
01 Mar 10 20:25
Wow Lovely portfolio!
01 Mar 10 20:06
I really like your work. Splendid craftsmanship.
16 Feb 10 14:19
beautiful work u do!! love colours! how its going with modeling in LA? regards
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