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I have been doing digital SLR photography for about 3-1/2 years. I was doing film before that. Medium format, mostly. I was born with a film camera in one hand and a light meter in the other and I grew up in a darkroom. Now I have a grey card and a histogram.

Occasionally, I look for models. I do my photography around my day job and so my available time sometimes gets scarce. I still manage to dream up new projects anyway. And so if an idea sparks my imagination I look for a model who is similarily intrigued. And then I make time!!

I like to work with a woman wearing semi-transparent one-piece swimwear all nice and wet. You see, I used to take pictures of mountains and lakes years ago and have decided to concentrate more on wet look and slick skin. It is just a personal preference sort of a thing but it works for me!

I would like to do more liquid latex bodypaint projects in the coming year. I have also been dabbling in stage makeup paint in gold, silver, and bronze.

Occasionally, events materialize and I would like to be there and be ready to take photos. However, I like to practice first so I can shoot with fast reactions. Usually, the people will be in motion. For my practice with you, the content does not have to be related to the event, It can be things that would look good on your port or my port here at MM or other similar sites.

Also, I am scouting locations in the back country for a gold-fairie-in-the-woods project. This one is still in the back of my mind for me. The liquid latex and zentai/paint ideas take priority unless I find a golden inclined muse.

Stop the press!!!
I have a florescent green bike and would like a model for it.
OK, so I got one but would like to do more. Right now, I am doing practice for a tv show photo session that I have in the works. The bike can wait.

Please contact me, if you have ideas, too.





Had a little bit of stuff published many years ago in the now-defunct Western Photographer Magazine. Didn't we all?


11 Jun 09 02:37
Hi Michael, It's great to see you here sweetie. Thanks for the nice compliments. Love your work as always. Big hugs, Marianne- WRS
04 Jun 09 10:13
31 May 09 02:59
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