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-Edit: Jan. 22 2011-

I just realized that I have a profile here that I totally forgot about.

If you want to contact me, I do all my communication through ModelMayhem.
I am member #376800 over there.

I will leave my images as is here as they represent what I had at the time of this website launch when iStudio copied and Pasted my MM site.


23 Jun 13 00:03
haha, once again [2.4 years after my last login] I re-discovered my iStudio page... do people still use this site?
28 Feb 11 21:02
haha, I keep forgetting I have this port... ehhh oh well!!!
23 Jan 11 14:00
That's hilarious :)
23 Jan 11 00:06
Why the hell can't I see my own 18+ photos in my port? I did the birthday thing!!!
20 Aug 09 04:18
Great work...welcome to the Show!
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