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Upcoming Travel Schedule

Now - June 25th: Local Availability (San Francisco, San Jose, Monterey, etc. Basically anywhere within approximately 100 miles of me)

Oregon - TBA Summer 2015
Washington - TBA Summer 2015
Texas - TBA
New York - TBA

Please contact me if you're interested in working with me while I'm in your location, helping me get there and/or hosting me while I'm there.  

Professional sparkly naked person:
-I am available for many genres, including glamour, pin-up, art nudes, and fetish. Please make sure when you message me to book a shoot to include concept and genre details.

-I am currently living in the SF Bay Area and am available anywhere within a 3 hour drive (San Jose, San Francisco, Monterey, Sacramento etc.) for paid shoots.

-I also occasionally travel beyond the Bay Area for shoots. If you would like me to start planning a trip to your area, and/or notify you when I make it through, please send me a message with your location in the subject line. I am also happy to travel to you if expenses are covered.

-I am currently prioritizing paid work. I accept limited trade for magazine submissions, conceptual work with a full team, or if you are willing to travel to me and/or cover my travel expenses to your location. I do accept limited barter work when my travel expenses are covered.
-Because I prefer to work within photographer's budgets, I very much appreciate it when you include your proposed budget in your initial communication. However, I am always happy to provide my rates when asked.

Body Mods:
-Nose piercing
-A cartilage piercing
-Small black heart tattoo on my ankle
-Small red heart tattoo on my right hip/butt
-Currently Long Brown Hair
-I have one birthmark that I will always ask photographers to edit out. This is non-negotiable. I will not pose for you unless you agree not to release photos of my birthmark. It's very easy to edit out and only shows if I am posing with my back to you nude or in certain outfits.

Cancellation Policy:
-While at home: I require half of the agreed upon compensation if you cancel within a week of our shoot. I require the full amount if you cancel within 24 hours.
-While traveling: I require half the agreed upon amount if you cancel within a week of our shoot or after my travel has started. I require the full amount if you cancel within three days.

I appreciate tags, comments, and lists, but I only book through messages. If you're interested in working with me please don't hesitate to send a message. :)


I have worked with way too many people to display them all here. You can contact the photographers in my portfolio for references, or message me if you'd like references directly pertinent to the shoot concept.

Models: I do not recommend everyone I have worked with. Feel free to message me for references.

Find me on:
Deviant Art

Fetish Cult Sirens Interview (September 2013)

Gallery Showings:
- First Friday Santa Cruz gallery showing at Pure Pleasure of Santa Cruz. (August 2012)
- "On The Edge 5" Erotic Photography and Sculpture Exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center (February 2015)

Aphrodisiac Magazine: Aphrodisiac #2 (March 2015)


05 Jul 15 23:36
Beautiful Plus-Size model... Love' d looking thru your port... Thanks for sharing...
21 Jun 15 17:39
Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
21 Jun 15 01:08
I think you have some awesome and beautiful work. Keep it up!
12 Jun 15 10:00
Outstanding photographs, you are a joy to view
09 Jun 15 14:57
Let a fellow Deviant Art member make the first tag............
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